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Development[ edit ] InThomas Edison invented the phonographa device allowing sound to be recorded and reproduced on a rotating cylinder with a stylus or "needle" attached to a diaphragm mounted at the narrow end of a horn. Emile Berliner invented the familiar lateral-cut disc phonograph record in In addition to recreating recorded sounds by placing the stylus on the cylinder or disc and rotating it in the same direction as during the recording, one could hear different sounds by rotating the cylinder or disc backwards.

Berklee essay question

In the Nicomachean Ethics, Greek philosopher Aristotle attempts to pinpoint just how one should go about being a good and virtuous person. Of course the choices we make are the result of free will, even when we choose the wrong thing. He clearly shows us how important it is to be aware of the danger that ignorance poses when we are trying to become better people.

Is it the fact that they give you that pleasure at that moment; the fact that each of them is pleasurable? Or is it the fact that, in the long term, they make you ill, or make you poor, or bring about lots of other things like that?

They bring momentary pleasures, but can have many unpleasant consequences if not approached with caution. Socrates also observes that while some good things may be painful at first, such as going to the doctor and working out, we do them because of the good results we will gain in the long run Protagoras p.

Knowing this, the claim a person might make for doing bad things looks ridiculous: If the painful consequences outweigh the pleasure, then why would anyone do bad things at all? That is the Socratic paradox.

To some, this may seem like a far-fetched claim. Aristotle begins by discussing different kinds of involuntary acts. He notes that with some actions done involuntarily through ignorance, a person may be unaffected by the consequences.

Berklee essay question

Next, Aristotle explains that involuntary actions cannot always be blamed on ignorance. If people were to make choices in complete ignorance of what they are doing, then whatever bad results come of it would be their own fault for not being better informed.

Therefore they can be forgiven according to Aristotle.

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While people should not be excused from the consequences of their actions if they were totally ignorant of what they were doing, it is easy to understand that sometimes people might not understand fully some aspect of what they are doing, such as what the result will be or whom it will affect.

The killing would be involuntary for we were trying to save a life, but our ignorance of the effect of our actions would result in a death. Aristotle also makes it clear that it is not only bad actions that are involuntary, as it might have seemed in Protagoras. Of course, he says, that would be ridiculous Ethics p.

Ignorance can cause both good and bad actions, but in order to prevent the bad ones we must avoid ignorance as much as possible. Someone arguing against them might use the example of people who smoke cigarettes in spite of the ill effects that smoking is known to cause.

If they could look into the future and see themselves with lung cancer, they would likely make an effort to quit smoking. We cannot know exactly what the future holds, so we must become as well-educated as possible as to the risks we are taking when we participate in potentially painful activities.

In order to live the most pleasurable life possible, we must free ourselves from ignorance and become experts at weighing the possible effects of the decisions we make. Even today, their advice might help us live the best and most pleasurable lives possible.

While many aspects of our lives are out of our control, ignorance is something that can be prevented.Candidates selected to interview for the BGJI will participate in a minute interview with Danilo Pérez, Marco Pignataro, and the BGJI panel to discuss their essay, goals, and aspirations; their understanding of the BGJI goals and philosophy; and what they will bring to the Berklee Global Jazz Institute.

Apply in Three Steps To enroll at Boston Conservatory at Berklee, students must be both academically and artistically accepted into the program. To apply, follow the three steps outlined below.

Any questions about the application process or requirements should be directed to the Conservatory's Admissions Office. Note: Admission to Berklee College of Music is a separate process.

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