The great journey to the center

Plot[ edit ] The story begins in Mayin the Lidenbrock house in HamburgGermanywith Professor Lidenbrock rushing home to peruse his latest purchase, an original runic manuscript of an Icelandic saga written by Snorri Sturluson Snorre Tarleson in some versions of the story" Heimskringla "; the chronicle of the Norwegian kings who ruled over Iceland. While looking through the book, Lidenbrock and his nephew Axel find a coded note written in runic script along with the name of a 16th-century Icelandic alchemistArne Saknussemm.

The great journey to the center

Gibson March 28, 3 books mentioned 3 9 min read 1. I awoke in the middle of the night with an intense craving.

The great journey to the center

I had been warned about the pickles and ice cream, about the strange, non-food items like chalk and laundry detergent that some pregnant women are moved to consume. I had awoken with a deep and urgent hunger for a story. I turned to the story the words of which I could already taste: I felt the hunger subsiding, the belly of my spirit filling up.

That was weird, I thought. And with my first literary craving satisfied, I returned to bed and slept well. For years I had curated my nightstand book stack according to what I thought I was supposed to be reading. Or -- and this was fun and also eerie in its accuracy -- I found myself submitting to cravings for books I had never before read but the combined language, plot, and characters of which turned out to produce the perfect meal of prose for this pregnant bibliophile.

I devoured this book. That is to say, the book paired well with my second trimester penchant for shame-snacking. But the story of the over-eating Edie Middlestein and her mess of a family fulfilled me in another way as well.

This, I discovered, holds true for literary cravings as well. Just as my body had for weeks been craving endless clementine oranges, my mind had craved the very vitamins and nutrients -- the sentences and language -- that this book was made of.

I had always imagined that, as a pregnant woman, I would adopt a sort of Earth Mother persona: It turned out that, in reality, I handled pregnancy with all the grace of George Costanza at a cocktail party.

I was clumsy in my changing body and nervous about the safety of the baby who was changing it. And although I was already tremendously in love with the person forming inside of me, when faced with the impending responsibility of bringing up this new life in the world, it seemed very obvious how easy it would be to screw things up.

From feeding to diapering to the general task of keeping a small human alive, parenthood is no small venture. These anxieties accompanied me day and night, and even followed me to the middle of the Pacific Ocean. While I had always considered myself a fearless traveler, this trip was fraught with anxiety from the start.

I tried to relax with the books I had brought to read, the Serious Literature that had been in my queue for a while.

Stoner was too slow for my racing mind, however, and for similar reasons I had no patience for The Sense of an Ending.

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I had grabbed it from the library at the same time as the other books. Something about it had called to me, and I figured that something had been its title: I could already taste her wit, her vulnerability, her heart. I set the other books aside for the time and opened the Ephron essay collection.

It only took a few pages to discover how wrong I had been to believe that her writing, while deliciously accessible, was anything less than commanding. Once again, through the peculiarity of my literary cravings, I had found the right book to feed me, to settle my stomach and my anxiety. Reading had always been emotional for me, viscerally felt, but while I continued to indulge these literary cravings over the following months, the act of reading began to more closely resemble the satisfaction of slurping up spaghetti noodles than anything involving intellect.

The great journey to the center

The cravings came most often in the middle of the night, often for stories that featured people doing what they do best: On Bastille Dayour baby was born: During the eight days that my son was in the NICU -- connected to a fistful of colorful wires, his fidgeting limbs setting off a constant commotion of alarms, his nearly nine-pound body awkwardly large compared with those of his two-pound neighbors -- I stayed just down the hall in a room with a single, unreliable mechanical bed and a bathroom the dimensions of which recalled the European budget hostels of my early travel days.

In a gesture of solidarity with Jude, who had yet to take in his first breath of fresh California air, I chose to remain indoors as well, going days without wandering further than the jaundiced tile corridor between my room and the NICU. My vision blurred under legion fluorescent light boxes, my uniform was a rotation of unflattering sweatpants.

All that worry about what could go wrong while I was pregnant, about the many potential ways I might mess up as a new mother, and it turned out that when my child was in danger there was nothing I could do about it but wait. He would be healthy soon -- the doctors were clear about that -- and I understood even then how fortunate we were compared with many other NICU parents.

Still, it was the most painful and disorienting time of my life. It felt like drowning, but worse:Journey to the Center of the Earth (Classic Starts Series) by Jules Verne, Eric Freeberg Detailing every event to great extent, Verne writes a truly captivating story.

The characters are all very intriguing, and Verne's own attention to detail shines through in the professor. Journey to the center of the earth was about Axel, Professor /5(6). Jan 01,  · In the book a Journey To The Center Of The Earth, Hans, Professor Hardwigg, and Harry, go in an Icelandic volcano on a journey to the center of the earth.

They go in the volcano and into the bowels of the earth. I really liked the book/5. Journey to the Center of the Earth (French: Voyage au centre de la Terre, also translated under the titles A Journey to the Centre of the Earth and A Journey to the Interior of the Earth) is an science fiction novel by Jules Verne.

Journey to the West in Wisconsin connected teachers and students throughout the state in the study of Wu Cheng'en's Journey to the West Center staff and members of the public for the Great World Texts in Wisconsin's Annual Student Conference on Wednesday, April 20, The Great Journey is the final level in Halo 2 campaign.

In Halo 2 Vista, upon completing this level on Normal or higher will reward the player " The Great Journey " Achievement and 30 Gamerpoints. Journey to the Center of the Earth was one of several films based on Verne’s novels that followed the great success of 20, Leagues Under the Sea (), which also starred Mason.

Some aspects of the film seem dated by modern standards, especially those scenes in which then teen idol Pat Boone, who played Lindenbrook’s student, croons love songs.

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